Affirmative Action in Education

Would you like it if society held you to a lower standard than your fellow peers? Would you find that liberating or insulting? Few topics are more controversial than affirmative action (AA). Nobody, except for the most morally bankrupt individuals, would argue with the goal of affirmative action. Correcting societal injustices and leveling the economic [...]

Can We Have An Honest Conversation About Racism? – Liam Neeson’s Bloodlust Admission

Today, there are three options for talking about racial issues. 1. Adhere to politically correct orthodoxy and avoid saying anything potentially provocative, offensive, challenging or contrary to the progressive status quo. Emotions that are repressed tend to come back with a vengeance. Those that espouse political correctness have worldviews that share a lot in common [...]

2019 CE: Episode 2: Is Feminism Still Good? – Current State of Women’s Rights & The Gender Pay Gap (Video)

Women don't appreciate feminist accomplishments enough and seem to have a jaded perspective on the state of women's well-being. Pessimistic feminist activists and other leftist proponents (pejoratively referred to as social justice warriors) have convinced a large number of Americans that Western society is an evil conglomerate of patriarchal hierarchies. These ideologues are confident that [...]

2019 CE: Episode 1: The Progress of Feminism (Video)

Feminists Have Accomplished a LOT The roots of feminism, in terms of activism, go back to the early nineteenth century. During this early period of first-wave feminism, like-minded activists in Europe and America joined forces and began building a movement. They started by codifying their philosophy through a vast network of publications that made radical […]