Fall From Grace


Jezebel came out of the darkness, and not empty-handed. She pulled a rectangular wooden slab about six inches thick. There were two bindings side-by-side in the middle of the slab’s front end. Two larger bindings were embedded into the slab’s rear, one on each side, forming a triangle with the front bindings. On its own, the slab wouldn’t have terrified Bill, but it was clear that many souls had been savagely mutilated while trapped in its grip. The wood was coated with blood and various bits of human debris: hair, nails and thin sheets of skin that looked like deli meat. In the middle of the slab was a large leather sack, that looked like a medieval coin pouch on steroids. Jezebel pulled the slab up to the two inmates and dropped the rope.

“Thank you, daughter.” said the Warden. She smiled and lifted the leather bag off the slab. The contents clinked together while she wrestled it off the ground. The sound and Jezebel’s struggle to lift it made it clear that its contents were metal. Bill wasn’t thrilled about that.

The Warden clapped his hands.

“Let’s get this moving! Please assume the position.” He barked the latter at Hope.

Hope stepped onto the wooden slab. The wood was still moist from a cocktail of blood and urine from its previous use. Its stench was even more putrid than its appearance, random stains made the surface look like a Pollack canvass, chaotic but somehow magnetic. She suppressed her disgust and put her limbs in the appropriate bindings. As with Perdition’s plank, the bindings closed shut as soon as the limbs were in place. Hope was trapped in the most vulnerable position possible. Bill figured she’d assumed the doggy style position before, but not like that. The two colleagues reciprocated stares. Each party’s eyes were bloodshot with primal fear.


“Remove your robe and stand up like a man.” The Warden asked but didn’t give Bill time to act. Tearing the prisoner’s robe, the Warden yanked Bill to his feet.

Bill’s garments melted away from his body; once again he was naked standing on cold concrete. He grabbed his cock and balls and waited for his next order. The Warden opened Jezebel’s leather pouch and pulled out one of its many monstrosities: a condom from hell.

Lord Jesus. Please no. I can’t. I just can’t, Lord.

“This is the will of the Lord, Perverter. Prepare to do what you’ve always done best.” Perdition sat back to enjoy the show.

The translucent condom itself looked like it was made of latex or silicon, but neither of those materials could have supported the legion of hook-shaped razors that surrounded it; there had to have been fifty blades implanted into the six-inch sheath. Stretched to its fullest form by a wooden dildo, the bladed rubber looked like the demonic handiwork of a Medieval torturer, not the agents of the Godhead.

The Warden brought the device over to Bill.

“Put it on.” He ordered, holding it out to Bill.

“I…I can’t.” Bill was stating the obvious. His member had shriveled into oblivion.

“The flesh needs to rise. What’s the problem? Don’t have enough inspiration? The fruit that you were never able to taste is laying right there, waiting for you to take her.”

Bill scoffed. He regretted it as soon as he did it, but there was no turning back.

“How am I supposed to get my fucking dick hard when I know what’s going to happen if I do? Fuck this!” Drawing on his pastoral experience, Bill’s hands were up in the air and waving in righteous indignation. He wanted to be beaten. He wanted to take a stand.

The Warden cocked his head and half-smiled, then attacked the insolent prisoner. Forcing Bill into a full-nelson headlock, the Warden pivoted to Perdition. Bill struggled but he was no match for the testosterone-rich Warden.

“Noble Seraph, would you please assist me in filling him with the same lust that fueled his life before he joined us?”

The Seraph lowered his head down into his lap. His single eye shut.

Bill felt Perdition’s presence enter his mind again, but this time it didn’t stay there. The angel’s psychic reach traveled down Bill’s nervous system; tantric sensations of pleasure rippled through his body. Every nerve Perdition touched lit up like the fourth of July as it ran down Bill’s spine. Bill’s eyes rolled back. He’d snorted heroin a few times in his twenties, but that ecstasy didn’t compare to the Seraph’s technique.

“I have a feeling that soon you’ll find the strength to summon your own little perverter.” The Warden put his lips to Bill’s ear and licked it. He spared no saliva in the process.

Don’t do it, Bill. Resist it. Don’t give in. Don’t fucking give in.

Bill’s self-talk didn’t sit well with the the Warden, who shook him violently.

“Every minute that you delay the inevitable with this bullshit, her suffering quota grows.”

Perdition’s internal massage made its way to Bill’s penis. Closing in like a conquering army, the touch carpet-bombed the surrounding organs with massive payloads of erotic sensation. Despite his best efforts to ignore what his senses were telling him, the blood vessels in his member started to dilate. Soon after, Perdition moved onto the penis itself. It was game over for Bill. A damn broke. Blood rushed into the spongy flesh. He was erect.

Jezebel brought the device over and held it up to Bill.

“Take it!” the Warden ordered.

Bill complied. He slid it on. Once the condom was all the way on, he felt a suction grip his member; the micromachine adjusted to his shape and girth. Looking down at his crotch, Bill couldn’t believe what his eyes showed him. If weren’t careful, the razors would slice him too.

“Get on with it.” The Warden kicked Bill forward. He stumbled over to Hope. The armed phallus slapped his thighs and stomach while he struggled to keep his balance. The minor wounds still drew a healthy sum of blood.

Perdition obviously still had control over his pubic blood vessels. Despite his discomfort, Bill felt like he’d just popped two Viagra. He reluctantly placed his hands on the top of Hope’s muscular buttocks. Her entire body was trembling, but was also steely with resolve. Bill felt Perdition prepare to speak into his mind’s ear.

“What you’re about to do to this woman, you did to Christ. Over and over and over. Remember that.”

“Just do it, Bill!” Her voice projected an undercurrent of strength.

She always was one tough sonofabitch. God bless her.

Bill looked to his captors. “How long do I have to do it for?”

“That’s a stupid question. Until you come inside her, Perverter. Don’t worry you can do it. Pretend we’re not here.” The Warden laughed, as did Jezebel.

“Forgive me, Hope. Forgive me.”

“Do it!” she screamed.

Bill thrusted into Hope. Immediately, he felt the tension of the blades’ assault on Hope’s vaginal infrastructure. She fell forward, her head rose up like a horse neighing as she screamed bloody murder.

Coating his torso, even spraying into his eyes, Hope’s blood baptized Bill with an almost comical amount of blood. While he wanted to stop and run away, he knew that would only elongate the agony. In and out. In and out. He soldiered on, in and out, he went. He shut his eyes and tried to blot out the screams from his beloved assistant. Avoiding eye contact with one of his tormentors was another benefit of willful blindness.

Hope’s wailing morphed from constant, blood-curdling agony to slow waves of deep moans. Bill remembered a time thirty years before where he’d stumbled upon a raccoon while fishing. Someone had shot it right in the chest with an arrow. It gasped for air. Each breath was an insufferable struggle. Hope sounded just like that raccoon with a perforated lung. Mortally wounded, but still a long way from passing.

They did say that the body isn’t nearly as frail in this dimension. Fuck me.

In between Hope’s labored gasps, Bill heard Jezebel and her father exchange words. He was trying to focus on coming. It was the least erotic situation imaginable. Bill didn’t know how he was going to do it, especially considering the eons he’d just spent jerking off during the ‘incubation.’

Come on, Bill. Focus. Lord Jesus, please help me to come and stop Hope’s torture. Please.

Hope’s lacerated loins made each thrust a little easier. The razors had turned the vaginal flesh into a vat of human sludge. That, and the gore lubricant, made his entries and exits feel more organic. Bill tried to fool his mind into thinking that Hope’s gasps of pain were reminiscent of sexual moans. He felt the condom tighten, which increased his sensitivity. He was making progress.

“How does it feel?” a small voice asked.

Bill opened his eyes. Jezebel was standing in front of Hope with a smile so devious, it put Health Ledger’s Joker to shame. She had a pair of garden shears in her hand. There was nothing otherworldly about them; they could have come from Walmart.

Bill stopped and started to answer, but the child quickly rose her hand up to him.

“I’m talking to her, Perverter.”

Hope tilted her head up, let out a few deep wheezes and then chuckled. “It feels like I’m getting raped by a lawn mower!” The poor woman screamed her answer.

“I don’t know what that is. You smell unclean. Like it’s your time of the month. I’m fortunate that I’ll never menstruate. I’ll never be like you. Unclean.”   

Hope ignored the child’s comments. Bill had severed her abdomen. Her intestines leaked out of the massive opening that Bill had dug into her. Fecal matter and bile coated Bill’s body. The smell was lethal.

I’m not going to be able to do it. Shit. Shit.

Hope collapsed onto the board. Her internal organs were liquefied. She was still alive courtesy of the heightened survivalism of the soul, but everything from the stomach down was jelly. Bill bent down and tried to continue, but there was nothing left. It was organ soup. He pulled out and fell backwards. Perdition’s grip on his blood vessels faded and Bill felt his penis become flaccid. The condom, however, would not release its grip.

“You’re not finished!” cried the Warden.

“She’s cut to pieces. It’s impossible!” cried Bill, panting like a dog.

“She has another hole, Perverter.” said the Warden with a devious grin. Bill vomited the second that he realized what the Warden was suggesting.

“I’d rather go to hell than play any more of your sadistic games!”


The Warden sprung at Bill and once again restrained him. Jezebel walked over to them and nodded at her father.

“Do it.” He said.

“NOOOOO!” Bill shrieked like a stuck pig.

Jezebel bent down and gracefully cut off Bill’s penis with the shears. A good steward of pain, Jezebel also got the testicles in the same motion. The condom containing Bill’s severed manhood clinked when the metal hit the concrete.

Bill screamed in the most feral, primal manner possible. The Temple had taken him back to when he was a defenseless infant. Now he would have to learn how to continue existing without his manhood. He convulsed in disbelief staring at his member, but the Warden didn’t feel like giving Bill a moment to process the injury. He grabbed the end of the condom, careful to cut himself and dragged it over to Hope, pulling Bill’s neck with the other hand.

“Pick it up, Perverter!” Despite the Warden’s forcefulness, Bill was in shock and couldn’t comply. He just laid on the ground shaking, and staring at his victim.

Hope lay on her side watching the events unfold. Her chest rose and fell with each labored breath, but that was all the activity that she had the energy for.

“Fine. If you won’t do it to her, I’ll do it to you!” The Warden flipped Bill over and sodomized him with his own penis. He howled in agony. The Warden made it last for a while. Once the act was done, the former pastor and assistant were sprawled out in the same state. They stared at one another, unsure if the other person was still alive. Everything below their lungs was a stew of human waste.

Soon after the Warden finished with Bill, Perdition walked over to Hope and knelt down.

“The Edict has been validated. Close your eyes and you will awake in paradise.” said the Seraph.

Hope obeyed. The angel stood over her and its white robe stretched outward, like water spreading on the ground. It covered her body and every drop of her blood that was spilled. The moment that it covered everything, it receded back. There was no trace of Hope.

“Is….is…she….really…” Bill couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Yes. Her soul is in paradise. She will live forever in the Kingdom.” replied the Seraph.

Bill smiled. He was relieved that some good did come out of this. He was thankful that Hope knew that he loved her.

“What…..now?” He asked.

The Warden bowed to Perdition. The Seraph nodded in return.

“We haven’t been totally honest with you, Perverter.”

“What?” Bill coughed.

“There was never a chance of parole. The Godhead takes particular offense to the blasphemy of spiritual charlatans and frauds. Before these souls are turned over to the Adversary, the Godhead likes to give the offender, shall we say, a token goodbye. This was your personal goodbye from the Godhead.”

Bill began to hyperventilate. He coughed and tried to formulate a coherent sentence but he couldn’t.

“We apologize for the subterfuge, but we were under the direct order of the Most High. We wish you the best as you eternally rot.” The Seraph put out his hands to the Warden and Jezebel.

Facing Bill and the darkness behind him, the three lined up together. Perdition clapped his hands six times. The Warden did the same. Jezebel followed.

A light shined brightly in the distance. Except, it wasn’t really a light. It was fire. Bill looked to his captors’ for sympathy.

“Your new master is coming for you.” said Perdition.

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